WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard


On the left side of the screen is the main navigation menu.


The expand/collapse arrow just below the main navigation menu lets you collapse the menu to a set of icons, or expand (fly-out) to show an icon and description for each major administrative feature. Within each major feature, such as Posts, a sub menu displays when you hover your mouse over the title area.

The default main navigation menu consists of:


  • Dashboard — View recent activity both at your site and in the WordPress ecosystem at large.
  • Posts — Create and edit published posts, categories, and tags. For more information, see Publishing and Editing Posts in WordPress.
  • Media — Manage your images, videos, and files.
  • Links — Create and edit links to display on your site.
  • Pages — Create and edit static pages for your site.
  • Comments — Manage reader comments for your blog. Using the Comments panel you can edit and delete comments, and mark them as spam. For more information, see Managing Comments in WordPress.
  • Appearance — Change the look of your site. Using the Appearance panel you can customize your site theme, manage widgets, create your site menu, and edit your PHP and CSS files.
  • Plugins — Add and manage features to your WordPress blog that don’t come standard with the default installation.
  • Users — Manage user accounts for your site. For more information, see Managing Users in WordPress.
  • Tools — Speed up WordPress for your local machine, import content from other sources, export your content, or to upgrade your WordPress software to a new release.
  • Settings — Customize how your site behaves, how you interact with your site, and how the rest of the world interacts with your site. For more information, see Customizing Settings in WordPress.
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