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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (Search engine optimisation) is when we aim to increase your website rank in Google for targeted keyword phrases. When a potential customer searches for a product or service there is going to be 1 of 2 outcomes. They either find your website or they find your competitors website. To ensure it is your website they find, your website needs to outrank your competitors for specific keyword searches. We undertake SEO processes each month, to increase your website ranking on Google for targeted keyword searches. Our SEO solution implement the latest ranking trends and techniques to ensure your websites search engine friendly. What this means is not only will your site rank well, but the quality of traffic visiting your site will improve. In order to deliver the perfect solution, we need to understand your website and business. We do this by undertaking an extensive audit of your current website.


Affordable Websites search engine optimisation service ensures you


 Get found on Google and other major search engines

 Attract new customers

 Generate more sales

SEO - Search Engine Optimistation Dublin

SEO example of results achieved

If you go to now and search for “Imprinted Concrete” or “Patterned Concrete” you will see our client the top of Google search results.


We have our client top of over 10 years

website design packages
website design packages

What you receive with our search engine optimisation packages.

Digital Marketing Strategy


This is a comprehensive schedule that clearly communicates our plans for your campaign. It covers all targets, planned activities, details priorities and a clear delivery schedule.


Keyword research 


One of the most important steps in any search engine optimisation SEO campaign is choosing what searches you want to rank for. Argument sake, lets you are an Electrician. If you ranked number 1 in Ireland “Electrician”, you will definitely get a lot of traffic, but how many visitors would actually want to engage with an Electrician?. They might be trying to understand what an electrician is. Or they might be looking for a job as an electrician. Would you be better off ranking for “Electrician in Dublin ”? Or something entirely different?


We consider the estimated search volume and competitiveness of the most relevant keywords. Then we use our Keyword or Keyphrase SEO programs & tools on your website to estimate the traffic and revenue potential for the keywords, based on your current average conversion rate. Once we are sure that we have chosen the most profitable keywords, we then go ahead and develop a targeting strategy, so if someone’s searching for your target phrases they will go to your website and not the competitions.


Link building


Search engines consider many things when determining search results, quality of links to your website still dictate the single most important factor in SEO search engine optimisation. Strategic link building is a very important part of any SEO campaign. We need to perform a risk assessment on your website to see what existing links you have currently, to ensure you are not already violating Google’s best practice guidelines and being penalised without you even knowing. Then we check your website’s current rankings and performance, so you know what impact our search engine optimisation SEO has on your website. Natural linking based on editorial discretion is exactly what Google likes to see.

No link farms, no content farms, no article spinning, no black hat SEO, no cheap SEO tactics. Just quality driven search engine optimisation that steadily builds your website rankings, traffic, and profits.


Ongoing SEO Development


Search Engine Optimisation is not a one off campaign your website needs nor is it ‘set and forget’. It can take 3 months to a year to achieve your objectives, this will mean adjusting the SEO development as we go along. And even when you have achieved your targets, there is still work to do. The last thing you want is to fall back down the rankings to where you were before you started.. No matter what SEO package you choose, you will get ongoing care with us. We will monitor your progress and search environment daily, to ensure everything’s going according to plan . This includes implementation of search engine optimisation marketing, link building, risk assessment and monitoring. We will provide monthly reports for you to access. Their are times we will uncover something new about your market, or Google will change its search algorithm. These changes are opportunities, not inconveniences. Once you have Affordable Websites as part of your SEO team you will stay one step ahead of the competition.


We act as a strategic partner for your online business and we can liaise with a dedicated marketing contact or multiple departments to ensure everyone’s working towards the same target.


Keeping your website top of the search engines.

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