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Encrypt your website with Positive SSL

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SSL Certificate installations to secure your website. Google is making changes to help customers find reputable businesses and keep their data and yours safe. Google will roll out various security warnings to users attempting to access sites without ​HTTPS. This will heavily impact the amount of traffic going through to non-secure sites, no matter what marketing or SEO you have already, or continue to do without the SSL certificate. If you don’t have an SSL certificate on your website, you run a massive risk of losing valuable business especially for those who rely on their website traffic for direct leads and sales. Without an SSL, website owners may not be viewed as ‘legitimate’ to new customers searching them online.


What can i do to avoid this happening?


Ensure that your website and traffic is protected from Google’s major algorithm update by upgrading your website platform and having your SSL certificate correctly installed and tested across your entire site, including all your images, forms and content.


Affordable Websites Positive SSL certificate is a very fast & affordable way to encrypt your website. Backed by the biggest Certificate Authority in the world Comodo, the Positive SSL certificate features encryption strength of up to 256-bit. Best of all, it comes backed by a €10,000 warranty.


This positive SSL/TLS certificate will activate the security indicators (HTTPS & padlock) in any browser to show that your site is simply using standard encryption. This  a certificate perfect for websites, since this is a domain validation (DV) cert, we will verify your domain ownership by using one of the verification processes.


Encryption Strength

The Comodo Positive SSL certificate features industry-standard 256-bit encryption strength and a 2048-bit signature key.


Peace of Mind

The Positive SSL certificate comes with a €10,000 warranty.


Fast and Easy Validation

The Positive SSL is a Domain Validated (DV) certificate, meaning it can be issued within minutes and installed within hours. As long as you own or are in control of the domain, you can get this cert in a jiffy!


Browser Compatibility

With 99.9% web and mobile compatibility, the  Positive SSL certificate works on just about any browser.


Positive SSL Features & Benefits


  • Single domain validated, 2048-bit industry standard SSL certificate
  • Hassle-free SSL certificate issuance 24/7
  • Unlimited server licenses
  • Automated domain validation – no paperwork
  • Strong 256-bit encryption strength
  • FREE PositiveSSL site seal
  • Unlimited re-issuance during the certificate’s lifetime
  • Comes with a €10,000 warranty

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